Corporate and Business Law

Corporate and Business LawGould Killian LLP represents corporate clients in all aspects of business law and corporate transactions. When considering starting a business, there are several options in choosing an entity form, and we can advise you on the pros and cons associated with formation of a corporation, partnership or limited liability company. Our clients who already own a business often face unfamiliar issues and need legal advice so that they are free to focus on their products and services.

An ongoing business may benefit from owning rather than renting a commercial building, and Gould Killian handles commercial financing transactions to effectuate such a purchase. We can also negotiate rental space if that is a better option for a given business. Once a business owns a building, sometimes it finds that it doesn’t use all of the space, and we can help draft leases for the unoccupied portions of the premises. In the event of a dispute over a lease agreement, we have the litigation capability to continue our representation and protect our clients’ interests in the courtroom as well.

Drafting and negotiating employment contracts, consulting agreements, covenants not to compete and nondisclosure agreements, and confidentiality agreements are all part of what we do at Gould, Killian. If you have a business, you probably have proprietary information worth protecting. If you do business with other businesses, you may need assistance in analyzing the enforceability of a contract, or creating an agreement that is fair and beneficial to both parties. If you do business with the Government, we can draft subcontracts for research grants and awards.

We can help with putting together company policies, governing all of the terms and conditions of employment, whether employees are contract or “at will.” For example, policies regarding office hours, vacation, appropriate dress, use of cell phones during the work day, and use of company computers/internet for personal use. If a difficult situation arises, attention must be paid to the procedures used and the treatment of the employees that must be disciplined or terminated. In addition, we can help navigate the CHRO hearing process, or other administrative hearings.

Please contact one of our attorneys to discuss your business law matters. We pride ourselves in personal service and attention to detail in these complex areas of law.

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Corporate and Business Law
Gould Killian LLP represents corporate clients in all aspects of business law and corporate transactions. When considering starting a business, or running an existing business, we can help you through unfamiliar issues and offer legal advice so that you are free to focus on your products and services.